About the Valheim World Generator

This generator allows players to preview seeds for the game Valheim without actually playing the game. Players can quickly test seeds and view existing worlds fully explored without cheats.

The website uses Unity 2019. This is key because the original Valheim generator makes extensive use of the random primitives provided by the Unity engine. These random primitives are proprietary to unity and their source code is not released (without appropriate license). That means to run the same algorithm and get the same results we have to also run in unity.

Some other details are available on my reddit post here

Generator Tips

  • Only the first trader you visit will spawn. The others will not actually be created.
  • Is your seed or map wrong? Please try the seed extractor.
  • Mobile is now supported! Try it here
  • Not all things are placed on all seeds! Some seeds will have less stuff. (Many seeds have no Maypole at all!)
  • Freezing while the application is running is currently unavoidable, my apologies!
  • If the page doesn't load at all or you get an error while loading: You need to do a 'hard refresh' and/or try again in 20 minutes. Updates cause these issues temporarily.

Why doesn't your generator support the Sea Serpent, Ore, Finewood, or Thistle?

Valheim's random generation has many different layers. Ore, Finewood and Thistle are all part of 'Vegetation' the most detailed and complicated layer! Right now calculating that layer for the whole world would just take far too long to be practical.

The 'Sea Serpent' is actually not generated at all. Instead its a random spawn. Random spawns occur in a radius around the player centered on that player. That means its impossible to predict where the sea serpent will spawn (Except for the tip below).

Sea Serpent Tip

The sea serpent will only spawn in 'ocean' biome. Not all water is 'ocean'. In fact a large amount of water is actually meadows or forest, just underwater. (In the biome view this is 'shallows') Instead try hanging around Leviathan islands since those only spawn in Ocean just like the Sea Serpent.

Seed/Map Wrong?

If you used the seed extractor but your seed is still wrong feel free to drop me a line! You can reach me using the contact section below.

About Me

My day job is a Principal Software Engineer where I work on games and game adjacent products. During leisure I enjoy playing games of all sorts. Valheim has really been fun which inspired me to build this little project!

Enjoy the generator?

If things are working for you, great! If you feel so inclined you can buy me a coffee via PayPal

Thanks to..

The folks behind the wonderful Jötunn mod which is used to take snapshots of in game objects and locations.

An incredibly huge thanks to the many donors which have already donated to help keep my site going in the face of a huge amount of traffic.

Currently most of my donors prefer to be anonymous, however if you've donated and would like your name in the list below please use the contact links at the bottom of the page and reach out.

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I'd also like to thank these users who have directly helped me build the site into what it is today:

  • Lum1nus - Helped me setup categories for Mistlands and provided key feedback in the new category system
  • Yssauc - Substantially reorganized the categories. Also wrote new descriptions, and selected all new icons for these subcategories.

And a big thanks to Game-icons.net for providing the icons used all over the map