What are lobbies?

Lobbies allow users to customize their map by adding custom pins and marking off regular pins. Multiple users can share the same lobby allowing everyone invited to see and edit the customizations.

Shared lobbies automatically sync between all players and can be shared in both "view only mode" and "edit mode".

Here's an example of what a lobby named 'CoolServer.com' could look like:

Responsive image

How are lobbies different from favorites?

Both lobbies and favorites allow users to create custom pins, so what is different about a lobby?

  • Favorites are stored on your local computer and cannot be shared. Lobbies are stored on the valheim-map.world server and can be shared.
  • Favorites pregenerate all the map locations and store them for fast loading. Lobbys do not pregrenerate anything.
  • Each computer can only have a single favorite per seed+version. Any number of lobbies can exist for the same seed & version combination.

You can have both a favorite for a seed+version plus a lobby. In fact this is recommended so you don't have to reload locations on map refresh. When both connected to a lobby and loading a favorite the customizations in the lobby will take precedence over the favorite until you disconnect from the lobby.